We strongly value our local businesses and service providers. By working together, we can link our clients with appropriate resources, give referrals to people we know and trust, and foster a greater sense of community overall.

Recharge and Play Wellness Café

Recharge and Play is a family-centred business that provides wellness services, has a fun indoor playground, and offers allergy-friendly snacks and drinks in their onsite café. It provides gentle, empathy-based childcare, play-based day camps for school-aged children, and events for the whole family. We love working with their providers and always feel welcome in their space.

Cayley Black Photography

Cayley Black specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography. She develops strong connections with her clients and loves photographing the progression of their families. We're confident that you will enjoy working with her and cherish the memories that she captures for you and your loved ones.

The 16 Percent

The 16 Percent is a non-profit organization focused on providing a supportive space for those dealing with infertility and/or pregnancy loss. Kirsten joined this organization in 2019, and volunteers her time working alongside the founders and other team members. It was founded by three women (Allison, Caroline, and Ariel) who worked together at a publishing company and reconnected 5 years later through their shared experience with miscarriage and infertility. During this time, it became clear to them how crucial it was to the healing process to be able to connect with others. They saw the value in hearing stories of loss and seeing how those people came through the fire to continue on and find joy and purpose in their lives. The 16 Percent provides a safe place for couples and individuals to share their stories.

Goals and Gainz

Goals and Gainz focuses on helping women reframe and regain strength, beginning with the core. By retraining the brain and body to work together, owner Andrea Laver will help you to use your daily habits and activities to build strength from the inside out. We love Andrea's approach to postpartum wellness, as she believes that core strength is the foundation for fitness whether you gave birth a few weeks ago or 20 years ago. We value her warmth, compassion, and original perspectives on building strength.