Your fertility is as unique as you are, involving both physical and emotional elements. Gaining insight into your body and its variations is empowering and also a key component to your fertility journey. Our packages are designed to help you approach your fertility holistically, with targeted support that matches your needs and goals. We will meet you where you are, and walk the path with you.

Family Planning Support

Fertility and Family Planning is a personal experience. With a wealth of information online, and so many options to choose from, it can also feel overwhelming. At Circle, we believe in empowering you from a holistic perspective with evidence-based practices and appropriate resources. We will provide you with inclusive, respectful support, whether you are looking for pregnancy prevention, or planning to conceive.

Getting Started: Pre-conception Preparation


Not sure where to begin? Our pre-conception education and support package is designed to prepare you from a holistic perspective, both physically and emotionally, ensuring a solid, informed knowledge base. Highlights of this package include:

  • Information overview on physical and emotional preparation
  • Referrals/Contacts to relevant and local, holistic practitioners
  • 3 months of support, including in-depth cycle charting and analysis
  • Three to four sessions/visits during the selected time frame
  • Extensive educational support
  • Ongoing text/email support for duration of selected time frame

Birth Control: Preparation & Insights


Everyone is unique, what works for some may not ring true for another. Our Birth control education session is customized to your needs, health and lifestyle, and includes a detailed overview of available methods and insights, along with:

  • 1 virtual or in-person session to learn more about types of birth control, personalized for you
  • 3 months of in-depth cycle charting and analysis
  • 3 additional monthly sessions for support (changes in birth control, monitoring symptoms)
  • Ongoing email/text support for duration of selected time frame

Cycle Charting: Awareness & Understanding


Working together, we will chart and track all aspects of your unique hormone cycle, throughout all phases, to determine trends, ovulation, and gain an in-depth insight into your fertility. This package includes:

  • Information overview of charting type and process
  • 3 months of in-depth cycle charting and analysis
  • Up to 3 in-person/virtual visits during this time frame
  • Ongoing email/text support for duration of selected time frame

Individual Support Sessions: Family Planning

$50-$100 each

We offer 2, information-based, Family Planning support sessions:

  • Pre-conception: Considerations & Referrals
  • Birth Control: Overview & Insights

Add-on Support

  • Month of support: $150-$300
  • Support sessions: $25-$40/hour

Packages can be combined or customized, please contact us to learn more.

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Fertility Support

We recognize that growing your family is not always a direct path. Roughly 16% of Canadians are affected by fertility challenges - a number that has doubled since 1980 (Fertility Matters Canada). We know first-hand the challenges and losses, and the many emotions often associated with assisted reproductive support and alternative family growing options.

At Circle, we will support you on the personal and unique path you are on to create your family. We are here to provide you with emotional support, acceptance and respect, and information and resources to help you throughout your journey. In-person clinic support can also be provided, by request.

Situations for Support

  • Preconception Education
  • Ovulation Information & Insight
  • Holistic Information & Connections
  • Early Intervention Support (IVF Focus)
  • Assisted Reproductive Support & Information
  • Navigating alternative options to growing a family
  • Provision of a safe place to hold space
  • Referrals to relevant support groups and services

TTC Support/Alternative Family Growing Support


  • Information overview and review of relevant topics as outlined above
  • Minimum 3 months of support
  • Up to 6 individual sessions during this time frame
  • Can include attendance for in-clinic procedures and/or other appointments, as needed
  • Ongoing text, email and phone support for the duration of selected time frame

Add-on Support

  • Month of support: $250-$500
  • Support session: $25-40/hour

Individual Support Session: Preparing for Fertility Treatment


This individual session is designed to provide an overview of the Fertility Clinic and treatment process, including:

  • Common tests and procedures
  • What to expect from your first appointment
  • What types of questions to ask

Packages can be combined or customized, please contact us for more information.

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Pregnancy Loss Support

The unexpected end and loss of a pregnancy is personal and emotional. While approximately 25% of Canadians will face a pregnancy loss, it can be an isolating experience. We provide customized, empathetic, and respectful support during this challenging time, along with relevant referrals, holistic information, and links to community resources. In-person clinic support can also be provided, by request.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Our customized PLS Package offers a safe place to share your experience, grief, and emotions. We provide one-to-one support for bereaved individuals and/or families before, during, and after the loss of a pregnancy. We are here to hold space and provide you with the relevant information and resources you may need.

Please contact Kirsten directly for further information.

Packages can be combined or customized to fit your needs. Let's connect to see how we can best support you.

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