Our Stories

The three of us started talking about working together in October of 2019. We knew we liked each other, but as we talked about why we were doing this work and how we would fulfill that why, things just clicked. Our visions and values aligned, and our individual strengths complemented each others' so well.

We wanted a support business that was welcoming and inclusive. We wanted to offer support that was continuous and complete. We wanted to surround our clients with the care that was right for them. We wanted to convey an understanding that life doesn't always happen in a straight line, and that we will walk that curve with you, wherever it leads. With this vision for our business, we couldn't stop the image of a circle from bouncing around in our minds. (We also couldn't stop coming up with circular puns, which we took as a good sign.)

In January 2020, Circle Doula Care was born. Bringing our ideas to life has been energizing and empowering. We continue to learn from each other and grow our circle of support within the community. We are so excited to support you and have you join our circle, too.

Our Fee Philosophy

We’re doing something different here. Our support services are offered on a scale that works for us so that you can choose the fee that works for you. The support we offer is never dependent on what you pay.

Your support services agreement will outline payment structure options as well as accepted forms of payment.