Raising tiny humans is hard. Parents aren't meant to do it alone, but finding your village can be challenging these days. We offer support from infancy through the teen years in the form of individual sessions, packages, and community events.

Infant Feeding Support

Parents are innately driven to feed their children well. Whatever your feeding journey looks like, we're here to help. We are dedicated to helping you reach your individual feeding goals through informed decision-making and unbiased support. To this end, we provide prenatal education, emergency visits, and ongoing support.

Preparing for Breastfeeding


Whether this is your first child or you’re hoping for breastfeeding success the second (or third) time around, this session is for you. We will discuss common myths about breastfeeding, what to expect in the first couple of days, what’s normal (and what’s not), when to get extra help, and where to go for it. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of how breastfeeding works, the ability to identify common challenges, and a guide to resources in this area.

In-Hospital Support


Get a strong start to your breastfeeding relationship. We’ll join you at your birthplace for initial breastfeeding support. You can expect education on newborn feeding, help with positioning, troubleshooting, and connections with more resources for further support. This is perfect for the first-time parent or for those breastfeeding after difficulties.

Emergency Support


If things are really hard and you feel like you need help right now, give us a call. We’ll do our best to be there as soon as possible (within 24 hours of first contact) to provide reassurance, support, and education. Ongoing support is available.

Ongoing Support


We provide individual, personalized support throughout your feeding journey.

Read about our fee philosophy.

Postpartum Support

The postpartum period involves healing, adjusting, learning, and growing. Focused support can bring confidence and calm to an uncertain time. We offer support through information, education, reassurance, companionship, and connections to local resources. This could look like answering questions, giving reassurance, helping with feeding (for you and your baby), holding your baby so that you can shower or sleep, and providing resources. As you adapt to your new normal, we care for you, so that you can care for your baby.

HELP! Urgent Support Package


If things suddenly fell apart and everyone is a sobbing mess, we can help. This package includes:

  • A doula at your door within 24 hours of first contact. (If we can get there in two, we will.)
  • We’ll help you identify your needs, define your goals, and create a plan with which to move forward
  • We don’t leave until things are feeling more manageable and there is a solid care plan in place
  • Options for ongoing support are available if needed, either in-person or by text

One Day Doula


4 hours of support in 1 visit

Early Postpartum


18 hours of support over the first 3 weeks, in bites that work for you

Fourth Trimester


30 hours of support over 3 months, scheduled as works best for your family

One Year Doula


100 hours of support over the first year postpartum.

Custom Support


Don’t see a package that speaks to you? That’s okay, we can help you build one.

Are you wondering what's up with our fee scale? Learn more.

Parenting Support

Do you need someone to talk to about parenting that won’t give you advice or leave you feeling like crap? Tired of the same rotating discussions with your partner, child’s educator or family member about a parenting issue you just can’t fix? Could you benefit from a place to be honest about the conflicting emotions parenthood contains? Do you understand the concept of gentle parenting but can’t figure out how to apply it to your specific situation? Are you working hard to break the patterns of previous generations, but could use some support and encouragement? Are you in the middle of a difficult situation and you just need support?

If you’re nodding along with this, perhaps a parenting support session (or package) is what you need. Building off traditional doula support, we provide emotional, informational and practical support to help you meet your parenting goals. We offer standalone sessions and packages that combine multiple IRL sessions along with text, email or phone support for a designated period of time.

Situations for Support

  • Applying Gentle Parenting Techniques
  • Parenting Through Mental Health Challenges
  • Parenting a Child With Mental Health Challenges
  • Navigating The Assessment Process
  • Parenting a School-Resistant Child
  • Considering or Starting Homeschooling
  • Parenting a Highly Spirited Child

What to Expect

  • Emotional support: Big feelings are welcome here.
  • Informational support: What’s happening here? What does the research say? What are your options moving forward? What resources are available?
  • Practical Support: Tangible tips to move your situation forward.

Individual Support Sessions


  • 1 hour of one-on-one support

Crisis Support


  • 6 weeks of support with 3 individual sessions
  • Text, email and phone support for the duration

Sustained Support


  • 3 months of support with 5 individual sessions
  • Text, email and phone support for the duration

Read a little more about our fee scales.

Parent Connect

We've teamed up with Recharge & Play to offer a monthly drop-in program!

During COVID-19, we will be moving our Parent Connect sessions online. Pop the kettle on, join our Zoom Room, and connect with other parents. Each session will feature a guest speaker who will share their expertise on a parenting-related topic.

More information about these events can be found on Facebook and Instagram. We're excited to have you!